To have students in classes and schools who have grown up digitally is a huge advantage for educators in the 21st Century.  It means that many students already have the technical skills in which they need to access the curriculum and prepare them for our ever changing world.  The skills required to successfully access new literacies are not that different from the literacy students needed in previous centuries.  Students still need the skills to read, write and comprehend.  Skills required for new literacies are skills that these young people will need throughout their lifetime, and they will be continually built upon as technology continues to advance. The skills of the educators will also need to improve, so they can successfully guide their students in effectively using this technology.  We are seeing more and more technology incorporated into classrooms and along with this, comes the education in using it appropriately and protecting users online.  Young people need to be aware of their digital footprint and the trail that they leave behind as they continue their education and live their life in the digital age.